Bone Health Supplements

Ostinol® Advanced is a breakthrough incellular nutrition. It contains the first, all-natural, orally administered protein complex which helps support the body’s ability to grow new bone and cartilage tissue. Ostinol® Advanced contains a patented key ingredient, Cyplexinol® Pro, is an all-natural stem cell signaling protein complex which uniquely stimulates key pathways that helps support the body’s ability to grow new healthy bone and cartilage tissue, as well as to promote healthy immune signaling for the ultimate in bone and joint health.* Ostinol® Advanced is available in multiple strengths to meet your patients personal lifestyle needs.

  • Ostinol® Advanced 150 – Formulated for the active young adult who knows maintaining a long, healthy lifestyle starts now
  • Ostinol® Advanced 300 & 450 – Formulated with extra Cyplexinol® Pro to meet heavy demands and changes life places on your bones and joints
  • Pro-stiminol® Advanced 200 – Formulated just for young women when life demands more than just calcium and vitamin D for your bone health.
  • Pro-stiminol® Advanced 300 - Formulated with extra Cyplexinol®Pro to meet the demands of life’s changes for pre, peri and postmenopausal women looking for total bone support.
  • Pro-stiminol® Advanced 400 – Formulated just for women who push themselves to the limit and need maximum total bone support.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.